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I think 'YosoY' is a very nice palindrome. It also means 'I am' in Spanish. And, it is the name of one of the two discs of Café Tacuba's 'Revés/Yo Soy' double album from 1999. A wonderful piece! Yo soy (I'm) Fabián Espinosa-Díaz. I live, uninterrupted, in Ghent (Belgium) since 2009. I have also lived in Asunción (Paraguay) for a long time. And in my birthplace: La Serena (Chile).

But instead of seeing myself as a citizen of the world (dislike clichés), I like to think I'm someone from nowhere. From nowhere, to now-here.

This noplace

This site will be a box to throw my stuff (as repository), a medium to comunicate with known and soon-to-known people (as blog/tribune), a projects-tracker diary, an experiment with webdevelopment (as backend and frontend) and a space to put links grabbed around the web... with time, patience and dedication, this will be my constant now-here.

Will it be? I really hope so. But patience, that's the key word, for now.

Regarding the future of this noplace there will be some indieweb, unhosted-apps, web accessibility, free/libre open source software/projects, works licensed with creative-commons or copyleft or public domain and of course using secure connection. Further, i will bring here all my stuff spread through the web: lo-fi bad-guitar recordings, blogpost from the past (es), the short-tales self-published long time ago (in Spanish), music-mixes, links (en/es/nl), reviews-to-write, recomendations (mostly non-mainstream music, film, literature, theater and who-knows-what), and so on.

I publish this kind of statement, in order to engage myself with it... But we know how difficult it is! I wish me the best! :)

As you may know (or notice), my English is constantly beign improved, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that the lack of accuracy may cause: still, I will do my best to get better at it. I will also, with time, try to keep the content -at least- 50% bilingual (sometimes en/nl, or en/es, or es/nl, and the less: en/es/nl).

Have you something to tell me?: hi () f-spin - net. (You'll probably know what has to be replaced there to make it a valid email address). And if you have something to hide*, here is my public key.

More me

I'm not into social media, really. But I've been here, and sometimes I come back:

  1. keybase: []
  2. mixcloud: []
  3. soundcloud: []
  4. el gatuperio @ []
  5. bitbucket: []
  6. github: []
  7. free code camp: []

And lastly, an extended version of my CV, and a resumé.

*: everybody does!

things done

projects i've been involved


  • The Dark Room @ Gender Bender

    Audio edition, brainstorming. With Rona Kennedy and Tine Defoor.

    Listen to it in Soundcloud:

    More about the event: Gender Bender


  • Video edition, concept. Kleiformance. La Fera al Fang with Ester Aragones.


  • Apenoot. The final work for the school. Django/Python, Bootstrap.

    Code in Bitbucket.


  • Video edition "I Love Mariaberg. The Movie". Veauxdeville VZW.


    Links images: */img/ilm01.jpg, */img/ilm02.jpg, */img/ilm03.jpg
  • Opening credits Victoria. Shortfilm van Luis Pizarro.


  • Design & development. Wordpress theme. Welzijn Cadans.



  • This portfolio. Stylus, Js.


  • Responsive website. Scratch and Snuffest 2014. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.


    Links images: */img/sns01.jpg
  • Design & development website I Love Mariaberg. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Video edition teasers. Veauxdeville VZW.


    Links images: */img/silm01.jpg, */img/silm02.jpg, */img/silm03.jpg


  • First draft book "La Piel del Desierto". Design & development website. Design posters + postcards.


    Links images: */img/lpd01.jpg, */img/lpd02.jpg, */img/lpd03.jpg
  • Design & development wordpress site for the tattoo artist Rocher Herrera.


    Links images: */img/rh01.jpg, */img/rh02.jpg, */img/rh03.jpg
  • Design & development wishlist site.


    Links images: */img/wl01.jpg, */img/wl02.jpg


  • Video editing, motion graphics, dvd. Galaksies. Veauxdeville VZW.


  • Design & development wordpress site for The Nymph Maniacs, fly fishing club.


  • Proefreading, brainstorming, text editing. El Tiempo Nublado, film.

  • Once upon a 2004

    ... I thought I'll be a writer. I thought this, mainly because I used to write, a lot. So I self-published a bundle of short stories.

    I still believe I'll come back one day, but then I think of Melville's Bartleby... and then it's like: I would prefer not to!

    The invitation for the release, in Paraguay, is still in the newspaper archive: in Spanish, of course