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Migrating Dialogues

Performance, podcast. With Rona Kennedy and Helena Elshout.


Kenta Takeshige, Eastern and Western Woodworking. Website

Using Grav as CMS, and Chopstick as boilerplate.

Work in Progress

Proofreading, writing, brainstorming. Arami Ullon's forthcoming documentary.



I think 'YosoY' is a very nice palindrome. It also means 'I am' in Spanish. And, it is the name of one of the two discs of Café Tacuba's 'Revés/Yo Soy' double album from 1999. A wonderful piece! Yo soy (I'm) Fabián Espinosa-Díaz. I live, uninterrupted, in Ghent (Belgium) since 2009. I have also lived in Asunción (Paraguay) for a long time. And in my birthplace: La Serena (Chile).

But instead of seeing myself as a citizen of the world (dislike clichés), I like to think I'm someone from nowhere. From nowhere, to now-here.

This noplace

This site will be a box to throw my stuff (as repository), a medium to comunicate with known and soon-to-known people (as blog/tribune), a projects-tracker diary, an experiment with webdevelopment (as backend and frontend) and a space to put links grabbed around the web... with time, patience and dedication, this will be my constant now-here.

Will it be? I really hope so. But patience, that's the key word, for now.

Regarding the future of this noplace there will be some indieweb, unhosted-apps, web accessibility, free/libre open source software/projects, works licensed with creative-commons or copyleft or public domain and of course using secure connection. Further, i will bring here all my stuff spread through the web: lo-fi bad-guitar recordings, blogpost from the past (es), the short-tales self-published long time ago (in Spanish), music-mixes, links (en/es/nl), reviews-to-write, recomendations (mostly non-mainstream music, film, literature, theater and who-knows-what), and so on.

I publish this kind of statement, in order to engage myself with it... But we know how difficult it is! I wish me the best! :)

As you may know (or notice), my English is constantly beign improved, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that the lack of accuracy may cause: still, I will do my best to get better at it. I will also, with time, try to keep the content -at least- 50% bilingual (sometimes en/nl, or en/es, or es/nl, and the less: en/es/nl).

Have you something to tell me?: hi () f-spin - net. (You'll probably know what has to be replaced there to make it a valid email address). And if you have something to hide*, here is my public key.

More me

I'm not into social media, really. But I've been here, and sometimes I come back:

  1. keybase: []
  2. mixcloud: []
  3. soundcloud: []
  4. el gatuperio @ []
  5. bitbucket: []
  6. github: []
  7. free code camp: []

And lastly, an extended version of my CV, and a resumé.

*: everybody does!

things done

projects i've been involved


  • The Dark Room @ Gender Bender

    Audio edition, brainstorming. With Rona Kennedy and Tine Defoor.

    Listen to it in Soundcloud:

    More about the event: Gender Bender


  • Video edition, concept. Kleiformance. La Fera al Fang with Ester Aragones.


  • Apenoot. The final work for the school. Django/Python, Bootstrap.

    Code in Bitbucket.


  • Video edition "I Love Mariaberg. The Movie". Veauxdeville VZW.


    Links images: */img/ilm01.jpg, */img/ilm02.jpg, */img/ilm03.jpg
  • Opening credits Victoria. Shortfilm van Luis Pizarro.


  • Design & development. Wordpress theme. Welzijn Cadans.



  • This portfolio. Stylus, Js.


  • Responsive website. Scratch and Snuffest 2014. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.


    Links images: */img/sns01.jpg
  • Design & development website I Love Mariaberg. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. Video edition teasers. Veauxdeville VZW.


    Links images: */img/silm01.jpg, */img/silm02.jpg, */img/silm03.jpg


  • First draft book "La Piel del Desierto". Design & development website. Design posters + postcards.


    Links images: */img/lpd01.jpg, */img/lpd02.jpg, */img/lpd03.jpg
  • Design & development wordpress site for the tattoo artist Rocher Herrera.


    Links images: */img/rh01.jpg, */img/rh02.jpg, */img/rh03.jpg
  • Design & development wishlist site.


    Links images: */img/wl01.jpg, */img/wl02.jpg


  • Video editing, motion graphics, dvd. Galaksies. Veauxdeville VZW.


  • Design & development wordpress site for The Nymph Maniacs, fly fishing club.


  • Proefreading, brainstorming, text editing. El Tiempo Nublado, film.

  • Once upon a 2004

    ... I thought I'll be a writer. I thought this, mainly because I used to write, a lot. So I self-published a bundle of short stories.

    I still believe I'll come back one day, but then I think of Melville's Bartleby... and then it's like: I would prefer not to!

    The invitation for the release, in Paraguay, is still in the newspaper archive: in Spanish, of course