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6 dec 2020

A ver, hace años que leo a un par de oldschool bloggers, y por otro lado, andar ventilando mi opinión (muchas veces basada nada más que en ciertas asociaciones, y lo que me dice la panza) en el twitter me produce un poco de vergüenza.

Pero la idea de escribir mis opiniones, sobre todo porque me sirve como proceso autoreflexivo, en mi propio blog, es una costumbre que debería cultivar.

Además de tener un registro de comidas, música, eventos, y/o lo que se me ocurra. Total, es mi blog, ¿no?

So, here we go.

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alternativas anticapitalistas (i)

Lo que se me ocurre, en el caso de una alternativa a Patreon, por ejemplo:

  1. a mayor usuarios, más bajo el precio. Esto es para incentivar el efecto network
  2. el fee es para cubrir el trabajo de los desarrolladores en un primer término, pero también en la administración, y en los costos derivados
  3. en el caso que se plantee la necesidad de un feature especial, se llevará a cabo dependiendo de ciertas prioridades.
    1. los beta tester pagarán un poco más, pero al mismo tiempo, serán los beneficiarios del excedente. ¿Y si no hay excedente?, ¡qué buena pregunta, Mario!
    2. ¿trabajar con plugins?
  4. decentralizar
  5. hay un costo asociado al procesamiento de los pagos
    1. ¿y en Latinoamérica?
    2. ¿es cierto que en África le están dando con todo a los bitcoins?, ¿cuánto de realidad, cuánto de hype?

En el caso particular de Patreon habría que ver cuál es el valor agregado de la plataforma. En el caso de los Deliveroos, la idea es devolver el poder a los trabajadores.

¿Cómo desarrollar tecnologías abiertas, inclusivas, con perspectiva de género, anticolonial, pro-sindical, no jerárquica? Y en realidad, más apremiante aún, ¿es posible?

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i link you

Mona Eltahawy is a feminist. A writer, I *met* her ’cause she was going to give a talk in Amsterdam and then she decided to withdraw. I hear the episode of the Dipsaus podcast where she talked about her decision and a lot of another important things on feminism, politics, de-colonization, and so on.

Really, you should listen to it.

I follow her on twitter, and today she posted:

I wanted to reply to her: Oh, Mona, why Patreon?. But then I thought myself, what if not Patreon?

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tech & politics

Van a disculpar la poliglotez, which is a bad joke. Porque escribo en inglés y en holandés con demasiados errores. Así que mi resumen de noticias, links y demás parafernalia incluye artículos en otros idiomas, pero mis comentarios irán en español. A ver cuanto dura.

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I link you (I)

Things picked here and there:

Hau Chan, a computer scientist now at Harvard University who was presenting the work, responded that he couldn’t be sure how the new tool would be used. “I’m just an engineer,” he said. Lemoine quoted a lyric from a song about the wartime rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, in a heavy German accent: “Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?” Then he angrily walked out

This is the same kind of irresponsible answer engineers, developers, and professionals in general without a political stand will make. It makes me think of this Radiolab episode, where a engineer said exactly the same: “I’m just an engineer”.

Somebody mentioned this book The Technological Society.

Further you could also read this article on MIT Tech Review: Bias already exists in search engine results, and it’s only going to get worse

  • The Building Blocks of Interpretability. This is complicated, but very interesting. I remember this series a saw a time ago in youtube (yikes!) > Learning to See. What I enjoyed the most is also the way I have to think about what “seeing” means. Teaching is the best way of learn.

About Programming:

About other things in the thing:

The final army is led by The Four Horsemen: Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple, the four most influential and dominant technology companies on the planet. (In past lives I’ve been a soldier for two of The Four, Amazon and Facebook). Whether it’s selling ads or storing data, The Four have become the nerve center of businesses all across the world and therefore take a cut from almost every business, regardless of whether it’s winning or losing its own particular battle for market share.

Taken from the Run Less Software, on Intercom. An article meant to hire new people I think. It says some interesting things, but also a lot of startups blah blah.

Nice stand on diversity from Access Now’s Open letter to the organizers of the RSA Conference

How did this happen? It’s hard to believe it is for lack of knowledge of the issues raised by lack of representation at panels and events. Women and TGNC individuals across the internet have raised alarm bells on this very issue for years. There are many resources for conference organizers, including the Geek Feminism Wiki, for example, with lists of diverse speakers in the tech field. Remarkably, despite these resources, many events beyond RSA Conference still fail to achieve even a modicum of diversity. However, as organizers of a series of conferences that attract a larger audience “than any other conference out there,” it is your responsibility to be aware of these issues and ensure proper representation.


Installing Debian in Local Server (II)

The first part of this note-to-self will come later. And it’s about the decisions I made configuring the HDD’s.

Sudo wasn’t installed by default (installing from dvd’s), so I logged in as root: su -

apt-get install sudo didn’t help, because the sources.list was looking for the dvd’s, so i changed it.

In vi /etc/apt/sources.list I commented out the dvd sources:

#deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 9.3.0 _Stretch_ - Official amd64 DVD Binary-1 xxx]/ stretch contrib main
#deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 9.3.0 _Stretch_ - Official amd64 DVD Binary-2 xxx]/ stretch contrib main
#deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 9.3.0 _Stretch_ - Official amd64 DVD Binary-3 xxx]/ stretch contrib main

And I added/uncommented the right ones:

deb stretch main
deb-src stretch main

deb stretch/updates main contrib
deb-src stretch/updates main contrib

deb stretch-updates main contrib
deb-src stretch-updates main contrib

Then I installed sudo apt-get install sudo, and I added my user as sudoer: adduser username sudo, and lastly I restarted the Terminal.

Further I installed Guake and Vim: sudo apt-get install guake vim